How To Sell Gold Earrings

Do you have an old pair of gold earrings you’d like to sell? Selling gold jewelry doesn’t need to be a stressful or complicated process as long as you do a little research beforehand. With earrings it’s important to make sure you have the pair intact and aren’t missing one. Selling a solo earring by itself will get far less money than a completed set.

There are many types of earrings available; some are simpler in design while others are more ornate and decorated. The type of earring may affect its value depending on whom you are selling it to and their thoughts in reference to the demand for that particular piece. Gold earrings are a nice gift for any occasion and many jewelers like to have a nice stock of them in their stores to sell to their customers. When selling jewelry like gold earrings it’s important to understand that more factors attribute to their value then the gold itself. Make sure you know what you have before selling it so you get a fair price.

Some of the different gold earring types are as follows:

  • Chandelier earrings are intricate designs that hang downwards in multiple layers. Many feature gemstones and they can be made from gold as well as other precious metals.
  • Drop earrings often resemble a “tear drop” in shape and hang in a straight line and sway with movement. A lot of times they contain a larger gem stone at the end of them which dangles.
  • Hoop earrings are extremely popular and common. They can be round or oval in shape and can be as large or small as you want them to be. They are often constructed of metal tubing with a thin wire within that passes through the ear.
  • Stud earrings are also popular and common and are constructed of the end of a post that penetrates straight through the ear. They are usually small in size and contain precious or semi-precious stones.*

Although there are many more types of gold earrings available, the ones mentioned are widely known and desired. If the gold earrings you are trying to sell fall into any of the types above, you should have a fairly easy time selling them due to the demand for them. Make sure when selling your earrings that you talk to your buyer about what sells well and what is “hot right now” as it may affect what they are willing to pay for your set.

If at any point in time during the sales process you don’t feel comfortable with whom you are working with, simply move on to the next buyer. Remember, you can chose who you sell your earrings to and you do not need to force a sale if you don’t feel you are getting a fair price or if you feel the buyer is being dishonest.

Do some research on what you should expect to receive for your gold earrings before you sell them, so you aren’t shocked at what’s offered to you. Since earrings are typically small, the gold weight may have little to do with their value, so you will need to know what makes your particular set desirable to a potential buyer.

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