How To Sell Gold Bracelets

Do you want to sell a gold bracelet but aren’t sure what you have or how to go about selling it? As with all gold jewelry it’s best to educate yourself on what you have before negotiating a price for it and selling it. Some types of bracelets may be more popular and desirable than others which can affect the value. Also, the type of gold you have and quality of it can also affect your sales price.

Some examples of bracelet types are below, all of which can be found in gold or other metals.*

  • Bangle Bracelet – A Bangle Bracelet is formed in a solid circle and will typically slide freely up and down your arm. Usually they are made slightly larger so that they can slip over your hand when putting them on. They are very common and come in a variety of different designs.
  • Cuff Bracelet – A Cuff Bracelet is similar to a bangle, however it’s not a solid circle. There is an opening in the cuff that allows the individual to slide the bracelet on and off easily. They tend to be slightly smaller than Bangles and are ideal for smaller wrists.
  • Link Bracelets – Link Bracelets contain small connected links that make up the bracelet. They are often made of precious metals and can sometimes have “charms” and stones serving as connecting pieces.
  • Tennis Bracelet – Tennis Bracelets are made up of a link of gemstones and are a little more refined than bangle’s or cuffs. They tend to be worn on special occasions or with more formal attire.
  • Charm Bracelets – Charm bracelets are great gifts for kids and allow you to add various charms to each of them to give a unique character. They can be personalized to match any individual and are often considered more “fun.”

Although there are many other types of bracelets available, above is just a short list of the different kinds one can have. If you have a gold bracelet in any of these forms that you are trying to sell, you are also going to want to identify the quality of the gold comprising the bracelet. This is done by identifying how many Karats the bracelet is.

Karat is a form of measurement designed to identify the purity level of the gold jewelry. The measurement goes up to 24 Karats. Your Karat amount should be stamped somewhere on your gold bracelet and easily identifiable; the higher the Karat, the more pure the gold.

When selling your gold bracelet make sure you find a reputable buyer that has a good track record. You can use services such as the Better Business Bureau to help you find a good gold buyer in your area. Don’t be afraid to give them a call before you visit to ask any questions you might have. The type of bracelet you are trying to sell, along with the gold quality can affect its value tremendously. Be sure to do your research before moving forward with the sale to maximize your profit and provide an overall positive experience.

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