How To Sell Gold Jewelry In New York City

Do you have some gold jewelry that you would like to sell in the New York City area? You will want to make sure you do some due diligence before running to the jewelry district to unload your precious items. Follow these simple steps in order to make sure your gold selling experience is a good one.

First, make sure you aren’t selling your gold jewelry haphazardly without doing some research. We’ve all been in situations where we may have needed a quick buck to pay some bills or an emergency arose and quick cash was needed, however this doesn’t mean taking your gold ring to a pawn shop and taking whatever the buyer offers you. Gold jewelry buyers prey on people in these situations and unfortunately the seller usually ends up on the short end of the stick. Regardless of how desperate you may be, make sure you do a little investigating before selling your items.

Know what you have and/or get an appraisal

Not all gold has the same value. Meaning gold in its raw form may not be as valuable as a piece of antique jewelry passed down over generations. Items like that tend to have more value than the actual gold weight they possess so if your gold jewelry is something unique like that, you will want to get it appraised before selling it.

Research buyers in your area

The worst thing you could do is take your gold to a random business without checking on that business’s reputation. Make sure you check the gold buyer out on the better business bureau to be sure they have a good report. Stay away from any businesses that have low ratings and feel free to call/shop around before deciding where you are going to go to sell your jewelry.

Find out what gold is selling for and get realistic on price

You will want to do some investigating on what the current value of gold is and what gold buyers are willing to pay. Make sure you understand that buyers are most likely not going to pay you 100% of the value of your gold jewelry because they need to make money as well. Make sure you set realistic expectations as to how much money you expect to get when you sell your gold.*

When selling your gold jewelry you want to make sure you put a little thought and time into the process before moving forward. All too often people sell valuable jewelry out of desperation and end up with a bad experience. You want to make sure you get the most for your gold and work with a reputable business throughout the process. Your gold jewelry may be worth a lot of money and you don’t want to sacrifice that as a result of poor planning. There are many places that buy gold in New York City but it will be up to you to find an honest buyer whom is willing to give you a fair price for your jewelry.

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